by B R OAD WAY / Angil

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released October 4, 2006




all rights reserved


B R OAD WAY Saint Etienne, France

REVOLUTION, ce terme ainsi intégré au nom de leur nouvel album, prend tout son sens : B R OAD WAY est sorti de l'ombre, et embrasse la lumière de ce nouveau jour.
Ils nous imposent un disque pop, prenant le large et devenant apatride. Le schéma musical de la pop peut passer la nuit avec la construction moderne de l'empilage, et nous laisser rêveur.
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Track Name: Names
The troops start walking
Into the camp
Shouts and whispers
Curly sideburns
Slowly stirred
By the desert breeze
The scenes are just
The troops walk back
And ladies sigh
Still protesting residents
Keep screaming

What’s so holy about prefabs ?

Step 1 : Send in the army
Step 2 : Bring out your dead
Step 3 : Increase profit margins
Step 4 : Supply AND demand
2070 : The lights go out all over America
2005 : The world reaches all-time oil-production peak
1970 : The US passes its own oil-peak

The suicide of whales, pigeons and monkeys
are mere instinctive ways to the survival of their species.
Our treading on ourselves and fellow co-habitants
are mere instinctive ways to the suicide of our species

Names, Names, Names

And on the morrow, the world had become a gigantic
open air sewer, and people had turned into rats,
crawling all over, feeding on plastic bags, inexorably
adapting home made nuclear waste radiations.

They will rub your face with a paw moistened with saliva
And you’ll get the feeling your cheeks were totally drenched

An interesting theory but it STILL WON’T WASH

Out of oil, out of mind
Track Name: Coin Operated
Cobwebby coaxial and cock-eyed cockroaches coagulate into cobalt-coloured coca-cola cocktails. We enhance ourselves to self mind ennoblement engrained with the entertaining idea of encyclopaedic enlightenment. My method: no method, spasms of forced creativity. We coexist, we coincide, we collaborate, we collect dust. We corrupt our respective visions and original frames of mind. We coerce ourselves into self-restriction and constant disguise. We coarsen as years go by like a coin-operated co-operation. Words that weren’t worth it. Worlds with working worms. Worst Wordsworth worship ever. Fumes were in their hat-chests, so high.
Track Name: Imaginery Physical Ailments
Itching, oozing, crusted lesions, extreme depression, hypochondria.
Imaginary physical ailments, fucking nouns, chronic diseases.

Bits and pieces
or pits and blisses
or slips and tips
or clicks and x’s
or sticks and flexes
or Schmidt’s plexus
or winks and sexes
or clinks and ex’s
or “Such and Such” ’s
or Yeah’s and Gotcha’s
or Tic-Tacs and E’s
or not.

Confusion, Commotion, Agitation. Turmoil.
Unrest. Uneasiness. Unknown origin. Turmoil.

I remember two of my neighbours were very close friends, on the very same day one of them died, the other’s temples suddenly went grey, 10 years had past overnight, within the course of a few hours, the twinkling of an eye remember two of my neighbours were very close friends…
Track Name: Stein Waltz
Nominalism’s the new black which also means it’s so last year.
Felones de se’s by essence per se therefore forbidden.

I think we should get the night rain
get the night train
there’s no light reign
re-enact strange

Let’s specify : specs and sci-fi or sex and hi-fi
We probably could split the tasks but Hey!
Shall we or shall we not chew it / poisoned candies / corroded lollies
How about beating around the bush?
Why don’t we fall in love? Just kiddin’
Why not interweave the threads that DON’T look the same?
It’s better if we get lost in the meaning before the alarm goes off.
What we should do is do it so it does its share of the soothing.
I guess we might as well
You reckon we may consider Bacon as way too reckless an icon
Sui-super-cide one too many time
one two may collide
onto neighing smiles

Time is running out let’s fall out and smile
till the lips divide
who cares what the heck
spectators decide

What an idea I leave by thee on high heels
with mighty silver lining

I’ve got hundreds of them idealistic friends
arguing over it all

Unexposed but brilliant as hell
Illustrated in the darkest hour
Disadvantaged but oh so clever
Spontaneous to the slightest detail
Positive, yeah? Like huge in the headlights and everything?
Creation, hug, hug, like biggest best-seller ever? Yeah, right.

What you thought hops. Bam! Food for thought. Fresh & new.
Is that what you want? Is what you thought blank?

She said brewed coffee
He says we’re all slowly fading out
I said nothing elegant
You say “Please take out the garbage.”
She said a long dress
He says clothes codes rip off our real identity
I said page 10
You say “Satellite of Jupiter in two letters…”
She said write a song
He says have you ever really been yourself
I said piece a’ cake
You say “Let’s go crazy and run in the rain!”
She said red stamp
He says we always push the limit but it never moves
I said no blue coat
You say “Do you like my new dress?”
Dirt and copper
Colours and shades. Shore rocks and waves.
Quote and not unquote
The softer the curve, the longer the distance.

CIA world facts
There is no

World Oil Peak Has Now Been Reached.
Experts to announce true facts
about the beginning of the end.
Track Name: What Extra Miles ?
Some names sound better than others
(hence) Nigel Kennedy’s suck-cess
(hence) Prefab Sprout’s failure

What extra mile?

John Venture is Jerry Myad’s father
Jerry Myad is Lars Eny’s boss
Lars Eny killed Faith Lesshart
Faith Lesshart was John Venture’s sister

Oh Crap

What extra mile?
Track Name: Old Europe
Joseph’s my name. My second name actually. After my grand-grand-father.
Jesus’s just a friend. Quite lunatic and unreliable I must admit. But you know.
Fucking British style. I’m the last of the International Top-Class Lovers.
Not getting any younger, mind. Sucks. Would you like more champagne?
Old Europe, my friend. I had the weirdest dream where you fell in the arms of America.
Percussion, like bleeding hearts, splashing the faces and glittering down back to the earth.

We want information not solid ground for the next candidate.

Fucking unbelievable

Absolutely fucking
Track Name: Night Shift Day Shift
I thought I’d just write a couple of lines
Not to over use your time
But ten it all got weirder as the…
[Jah’Zz gagne contre le Werder de Brême,
J’ai un flash,
Je brode des anges sur les fesses de Kim Gordon et je brûle ta crème !]

(Night shift day shift Night shift day)

I thought I’d make a real choice to make things better
Not to get too old trying to forget
As the saying goes “You never get enough of the…
[Et non, homies,
J’ai des noms pour mon snuff movie !]

(Night shift day shift Night shift day)

It really wasn’t my fault, I swear on all I’ve got
It’s just that sometimes the pressures is too high
And even if you try your best you…
[La peste sur toi, baston primaire, il y a,
Mon bastion, primal fear, see ya !]

(Night shift day shift Night shift day)

This heart, I found it, I didn’t steal it, I swear
Now someone must be looking for it, got to bring it back
You must set me free, please, got to give it back, , got to give it back

(Night shift day shift Night shift day)

Lamb. Door. Ground. Bed. Feet. Lamb. Door. Ground.
Bed. Feet. Lamb. Door. Ground. Bed. Feet. Lamb.

(Night shift day shift Night shift day)

I condemn you to be free
I sentence you to a good life
I judge you innocent
I compel you to happiness
I confess my good deeds
I order you to use your free will
I strike you with amazement
I prove you right
I hit you with surprise

[Wild acier, gratuit style,
Can I kick an ultramagnetic Black Elvis lost in space?]
Yes, you can!
[Fils, j’ai tellement d’automatiques lyrics,
Que en vrai, frère,
On dirait que je suis un métis de Damo Suzuki et de Kool Keith,
Damn !
Sûr que c’est le souk dans mon esprit,
Mes rushs de Kubrick sont et restent allaités par des rouges kubis,
Mes fauves se fourvoient quand je profite de mon unique profil,
Et les eunuques prolifèrent dans des ennuyeuses farines,
Degré zéro de cubisme,
Damn !
C’est sûr que ce texte n’a pas inventé la pénicilline,
Des poils de femelle pubis qui s’hérissent,
Alors qu’il n’y a même pas de pénis qui s’y immisce,
C’est comme si
Je rêvais de donner des beignes à Céline,
De mettre de la friture de beignets dans les merveilles d’Alice,
Aligner des rimes sur Lewis Caroll, ou Aline, comme des orgues de Staline,
Bref, c’est comme si
Je peignais ces lignes,
Avec du sang qui giclerait de mes canines,
Ci-gisent mes neurones qui sont vraiment morts de famine,
Heureux corps, j’y suis, j’y reste,
C’est mon cerveau, mon caniveau, mon abîme !]
Track Name: Approximate Turnover Company
4 – 14 – 13 – 6 - 9
13 – 9 – 2

Have you ever realised how inflammable the world can sometimes be
It’s the magic of Christmas, the night is set ablaze for all eyes to see
So hearts can lose their temper and temples lose their dignity

What if business chooses employees
Who is your profiler
What if the ambulance gets the accident
What if the government is self-corrupted
What if Jehovah didn’t witness a thing

Approximate-turnover company
Network : black
Iceland : red

Scratch cards companies
Cell phone operators
Fast food sellers
The “No fucking way!” people
Wacko blobbies
Virus cleaners
Virus makers
Heart-of-the-sewer entertainers
Track Name: Egg Music
There are tiny ships in honey. Mothers never lick pink pants. I dream about egg music and enormous language chains. Will urge dress as a friend? Those frantic apparatus could whisper “peach…”, please produce! I did use sordid chants, I do drive over places like void after a sweet Summer of stormy live shows. Will urge dress as a friend?… Fascinating sincere set-up-audienced hall of fame. The best conferences ever rehearsed in total shame. O clever me not to have thought of it before this day. Not to have foreseen the vital fatal tidal wave. Exhibiting the slightest and most intimate mistake. Your music makes me think of something too long to explain. What’s the point? There’s no point, worshippers lie anyway. Will your delicate stare put death out of use any day? Real urge dressed as a friend.