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released April 7, 2008




all rights reserved


B R OAD WAY Saint Etienne, France

REVOLUTION, ce terme ainsi intégré au nom de leur nouvel album, prend tout son sens : B R OAD WAY est sorti de l'ombre, et embrasse la lumière de ce nouveau jour.
Ils nous imposent un disque pop, prenant le large et devenant apatride. Le schéma musical de la pop peut passer la nuit avec la construction moderne de l'empilage, et nous laisser rêveur.
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Track Name: Caution Wet Floor
Self erasure full rate
I shall be out raising forks for sitting jerks like willing
perpetually raped famous rock stars
Caution wet floor
here for utter brainless thinking mouths :
0.999… still equals 1
Drives blood crazy
Makes my brains ever after very happy

To serve and not to think
Polish places where some deep down traces
linger in a state of lethargically sustained glory
Scrape surfaces
at symmetrical paces and leave no space for
uttermost redundancy
My gigantic burden bearer
magnificent colourless monster

Adapt to target
Target locked
Fire Fire Fire
Deliberately fuck it up as programmed
Consciously, erroneously move as expected
Talk them into you, out of thin air
Fashion (noun) : highest degree of self erasure
just as depressing as watching rerun shows
Caution wet floor
For brainless thinking mouths that play
a dead good ripper, stripper, trickster at the altar
Reverse not to forget you can forget
that 0.9999… equals 1 see? Try again
Droning on the throne of my own thrown up royalties
while hovering in circles over choices already thought over
and cease to freeze time, tease fine and feast rhymes
to special friends for special emergency breakdowns
Not really sorry, the nice guy’s out for business
To serve and not to think
To curve and not to break
fences for defence offend much more than appease
Warning! Warning!
Human improvement in progress
aqualungs required to save your life more or less
Track Name: Letters in Hearts
I still picture the day when you had to blame me for not playing
and though we stayed at home we wished it’d rain all day
may this thought remain

Recycle me into a tree engrave my palm with letters in hearts
Sleep in my shade skin against blades lost in the truth we cling on to
Letters in hearts are not to part none are alike two may unite
After I’ve thawed scars in my palm may well have healed or so they will seem

More more more, hurt me still
Sweet sweet sweet kill me still

Recycle me into a tree hide in my palm with letters and hearts
Decipher me in two or three visions at dawn fully performed
Forget too soon the fly in the glue
Forget too soon the face in the moon
Forget too soon the cage at the zoo
Forget too soon we belong to

I remember the ways you tucked in treasures from shadowy lanes
and for we did stand tall we wished dawn would not break
stuck in time and space
Track Name: The Key Macker
The key maker was not me
Validator for what could be
Inside this hand no more lines

The key maker cried his eyes hurt
Space invader / codes cracking nerd
Indirect guilt only too late
(All nod)

The key maker once free and sound
Gladiator not to renounce
What of the past ? Censored or…

The key maker cried our earth dry
Heaven’s trigger made undivine
Sworn statements too thoroughly

The key maker was not you
Helicopter coming through you
Still free of charge, might as be
Be me
Track Name: High Treason
Don’t say “Don’t”
Never say “Don’t”
Shouldn’t say “Never”
Don’t try to, don’t try to
I’ll always be writing about childhood
or childhood dreams somehow
at some point

Don’t point at people
Never show your tongue
Shouldn’t trust strangers
Don’t try to, don’t you try to
I’ll always be playing your part
or the part I wish you’d want me to take on
but not like a game to play

Don’t play with your food
Shouldn’t bite your nails
Don’t you nail me down
Don’t try to
I’ll always be saying “Don’t”
Don’t try to, Don’t you ever dare to

High treason is only a crime to sovereign
Lese majesty offend only sovereignty
High treason is a crime only to majesty
Lese majesty offend only your sanctity
Track Name: Automatons
See automatons wave and turn pose and decompose
Wind me up before I fall
See you hold your breath right before clicking takes its toll
We’ll be moving fast forward
See calamities occurring the other way round
Recreating life for real
See the molecules break away in the open air
We’ll disintegrate with joy

This is the way we bow before the unacceptable
This the way we die before we even learn to live

See the molecules
See calamities
See you hold your breath
See automatons
Track Name: I, second
I, second will now storm out to raise
A high fund to waste it on refund
For all mistakes credited on me

One after the other it shall be
Fecund and nip in the bud the core
Of my never ever being first, the first
Track Name: Airtight part 2
From the very place
Where time parts from space
Giant I became

Sighed dark clouds away
Kissed the Moon’s bruised face
Put out al those set ablaze

Freed all kids and slaves
Crushed armies in my way
Gazed through outer space

Sealed airtight
Lonely clones alight
On an isle of night
For the sake of mankind

Who will mind
Their new planet fright
Panoramic blight
Copied seeds for next life

From the very place
Between dream and wake
Spaceman I became
Track Name: Stop Motion
Stop motion. Action. Cut.

Addictology body memory the heart shrinks the body starts to think of the availability of unstable energy you’ve willingly been keeping safely locked up ominous fuck up (un)propitious filling of cup what an inauspicious addiction nut film inside the film inside the film inside the… withdrawal freaks and dependency junkies suddenly look alike as the symptom speaks Entropy land of plenty of thawing bacteria hidden criteria promising career claws against barrier look in the very rear of the mass you’ll steer Entropia mother of all ideas core of the very first foreseers hurdling higher and higher hurtling liars and friars in Entropia I’ll learn and replenish lighten up and breach solo system all thought through right from scratch scratch all magnets off your eyes then we’ll all dissolve naturally god bless human biodegradability… Entropia land of plenty of thawing bacteria hidden criteria promising career claws against barrier look in the very rear of the mass you’ll steer
Track Name: Teddy Gun
Sleep my little cushy gun my teddy gun
Don’t fade away like chewing gum like fossil gum
I’ll shoot you I’ll spit you and change for lollipops… not
So kill me but not too much for fear your sales may drop
Gum Gum Gum

Dream my little machine gun my comfy Mum
Erase all nightmares while I play dead just for fun
I’ll shoot you I’ll keep you like you’re my broken one
So kill me but not too much for fear your sales might drop
Gun Gun Gun